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Fire District #19 is accepting donations for  The Silvana Firefighter’s Association. Money sent to the Silvana Firefighter’s Association will go towards future training equipment and needs of our firefighters.
Donations Forms listed below. Please make checks payable to Silvana Firefighter's Association and complete the form below so we can be sure your donations are completed.
Please mail to: 2720 212th St NW, Stanwood WA 98292.
Silvana Firefighter’s Association
The members of the Silvana Firefighter’s Association have chosen to donate money from their monthly paychecks to be able to purchase things that they may need. This may mean training, or any necessities that are not paid by the Fire Department.  Any donations made to help support our training efforts will be greatly appreciated as funds are limited.  
Thank you for supporting Fire District #19.  Any donation you are able to make is greatly appreciated.


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2014 Call Volume
  Fire EMS MVC Rescue
Jan 25 35 4 1
Feb 17 29 5  
Mar 18 38 6 2
Apr 16 37 8  
May 14 24 4  
Jun 16 22 5 2
Jul 25 34 14 6
Aug 18 38 9 2
Sep 22 25 4 2
Oct 19 39 14 1
Total 190 321 73 16

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